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Date: 23rd November 2002
Time: 10:21


Greetings to all ex-Playboy Bunnies of the Dallas Playboy Club!

I was there from the onset in 1976 to 1981 when I left to go dance with Greg Thompson Productions...

I worked mostly in the showroom with Karen, Rindy, Poppy, Ruby, Tori, Vicki, Mella, Misty, etc. Gone are those days but the memories are great.

I would love to make contact with some of you guys... anybody hear from Vickie Link?

I live in the Midwest, married to a Brit, with three kids, am active in the community and school (am PTO president... what a switch!) and will turn 50 next year...

Where has the time gone???

Love to hear from you....

Bunny Monica

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