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playboy club keys?

Name: Kiel Wilson
Date: 8th January 2003
Time: 18:27


My father once had access to one of the Playboy clubs in the Los Angeles area. He has a numbered metal key that is embossed with the bunny head logo. This is not one of the punch out paper keys that have credit card info on the back. This is also not an actual square/rectangular credit card. It is a genuine steel key.

Where can I find out more information about this key and it's approximate value?

Thanks in advance, Kiel C. Wilson An avid subscriber...

Webmaster: The individually numbered metal keys were the original Playboy Keys given to Playboy Club keyholders. Many keyholders actually thought the keys unlocked the doors to their local Playboy Club!

The credit card keys replaced the metal keys in the late 1960s.

As to their value I don't know. They can fetch anything above $20. But if I were you I would keep your father's key for it's sentimental value.

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