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Looking for Bunny Irving

Name: Meaghan
Date: 9th January 2003
Time: 21:19


I'm not a Bunny and I'm sorry if you feel I shouldn't be at this site. But the Playboy Bunnies fascinate my friends and I, and when we were assigned, in English class to write a play as well as perform it in front of the school, we chose to do it about the Playboy Bunnies back in the early 1960's.

My role was Bunny Irving and I really wish I could get some pictures or more background information on her so that I could maybe do her more justice in my performance!

Thank you so much and I'm sorry if I shouldn't be here!

Webmaster: All Bunny fans are most welcome to enjoy the Ex Playboy Bunnies website. The site itself is for all Bunnies and their fans as the home page states.

However I try to reserve this message board for the use of former Bunnies and Playboy Club employees only. The main purpose of the site (and especially the message board) is to reunite former Bunnies. In the past the message board has been abused by those who have nothing to do with Bunnies, that is why 'Note 1' stipulates that non-Bunny messages will be deleted.

Bunny fans are always welcome to leave comments and ideas by signing the Guestbook or by emailing me. Your message, which is welcome, should have been submitted to the Guestbook instead. But don't worry there is no harm done.

There is also an excellent Yahoo! Group for all Bunny fans. You need to have a Yahoo! identity before you can join. Just use or sign up for a Yahoo! email account then point your browser to

by the way who is "Bunny Irving"? I don't recall any Bunny by that name. Hope your performance goes well Maybe you could submit the transcript of your play to the site and I will add it so that others can enjoy it.

In the meantime I hope you and your friends continue to visit and enjoy the Ex Playboy Bunnies website.

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