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Bunny help sought for Charity Fundraiser in aid of the British Organ Donor Society

Name: Deborah
Date: 14th January 2003
Time: 16:08


Hi............ Are there any ex-Bunnies out there in the UK who can still squeeze into their Bunny costumes AND who would be willing to donate an evening Sept 4th to support organ donation and transplantation in the UK???????

I worked at the Clermont in Berkeley Square for three years - with Otto!!! - before training (at the Victoria when Trident TV took over) - it was 1980 when I started so Bunnies were just out of their costumes but most of the girls at the Clermont were ex Bunnies...........

I am the other side of a triple organ transplant (1994) and now (apart from running a business of my own) am involved in 'raising awareness in UK' - have addressed Parliament and lecture across country in teaching hospitals / for pharmaceutical companies etc etc.

Am pulling together a 'big top' evening event to acknowledge and celebrate 20 years of BODY (British Organ Donor Society) and the success of this amazing life saver! An evening of A list cabaret - how amazing it would be to have Bunnies helping out!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you?????? - I need about 20 - any and all shape, age and size!!!

ALL expenses paid - an audience of MPs, surgeons, recipients and donor (families), nurses, doctors, co-ordinators etc etc.

PLEASE email me for details - early days yet!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks - Debbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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