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Calling all Bunnies - Please help me

Name: Carla Farnesi
Date: 25th January 2003
Time: 22:06


Hello, My name is Carla Farnesi and I am currently attending Macdonald Cartier High School in the IBO/SEEI program. A portion of this enriched program is writing a lengthy research paper on a topic of choice. I decided to write a paper on the advantages, which the Playboy Clubs offered women. I have found it extremely difficult to locate material on this subject.

Therefore, I was hoping you would kindly answer the questionnaire hereafter regarding your experiences working at the Playboy Clubs. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail my teacher/mentor Norma Hubbard at or myself. Furthermore, if you can share additional information that could help my research it would be greatly appreciated, since I want to justly represent the Playboy Bunnies. Please respond as soon as possible since time is limited.

Thanking you in advance for your time and cooperation, Carla F Questionnaire:

  1. Name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Current Employment

  4. Playboy Clubs in which you worked

  5. Years in which you worked at each club

  6. How did you first hear about the Playboy Clubs?

  7. What enticed you to go to the auditions?

  8. Did you tell your friends/family...

    1. Before applying to the club?

    2. After you were hired?

    3. Were they supportive?

  9. What sort of Bunny training did you undergo? (Please be as descriptive as possible)

  10. Were you made any promises by the employer regarding salary or prestige? If so, what were they?

  11. On average, what was your weekly salary? Based on how many hours?

  12. Did you ever do any promotional work? If so, what kind and were you paid extra?

  13. What skills did you acquire by working in the clubs?

  14. Would you say that the work code was strict? Why?

  15. What advantages did you receive by working at the club rather that a typical job that women worked in at that time?

  16. What disadvantages did you encounter?

  17. Did working at the club change you in anyway? If so, how?

  18. What do you feel about your overall job as a Bunny?

  19. What is your most memorable experience?

  20. If you could change a misconception about Playboy Bunnies what would it be?

Additional Comments:


Webmaster: Whilst I wish you the best with your project Carla, please appreciate that you are asking some personal questions. The first three questions in particular are perhaps too intrusive (and you should never ask a lady her age). Moreover you are looking for lengthy in-depth responses that even Kathryn Leigh Scott did not receive or require when she was compiling The Bunny Years. Not that your questions are not good ones; you have obviously given a great deal of thought to this project and have planned it well.

Hopefully some Bunnies out there can answer a question or two for you but please bear in mind that they all have busy lives and you are asking them to do something in their free time and for no fee (and that's usually my job!).

Do you have The Bunny Years book and video? Many of your questions are answered in these treasure troves of Bunny lore. Good luck!

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