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Re: Candy D'Amato (Humphries)

Name: Linda Ridgway
Date: 25th February 2003
Time: 15:36


Bunny Lin, Hollywood Playboy Club, 1967
Bunny Lin, 1967
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Hi Bonnie... I don't remember Candy, but I am sad to hear that she has passed on.

I worked at the club in 1967. Dudley put me on the door. Are you in contact with Bunny Mother Alice? I would love to get together.

I just discovered this website and am choked up about it, because working at the club was a very special time and I lost touch with everyone.

I was Bunny Lin (Linda Ridgway) and was featured in the "Bunnies of Hollywood" (not all of us were happy about Hef's choice of photos), PLAYBOY, December 1967 edition and VIP Magazine, Winter 1967.

I remember being second only to Bunny Pam when it came to having the most demerits. I actually miss Dudley. He played a major role in my fate and he probably doesn't even know it. I don't even know his real name.

I think the website is great. When I worked at the Club, we were like a family. Over the years, I have always wondered what happened to everyone. In December of 1971, I became an actress and was featured in Michael Winner's film, The Mechanic, starring Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent, produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff.

The course that my fate has taken, as a result of working at the Club, has been amazing. What strikes me so vividly, after just seeing the movie Chicago is that; each time I walked out thru the club to begin my shift, it was like a musical. Always different. Every afternoon, this piano player named Johnny Mercer would come in and start the party off. I would start moving to the music, while I manned the front door. Sometimes Dudley would say "go up and dance on the stage"... so I would. Sometimes, Bunnie Winnie would dance too. It was fun.

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