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REUNION 2004: Dallas, Miami, Boston... where ARE you?

Name: Bunny Michele
Date: 4th March 2003
Time: 11:57


Bunny Michele, Hollywood Playboy Club - 1965 and 1966
Bunny Michele

We have LA, NY, Chicago, SF, Denver, Jamaica, St Louis, New Orleans... and even a Manila Bunny on our guest list. We have bartenders, room directors and a seamstress from LA and NY so far, too. This "party" includes all alumni.

We know you're out there... but we can't contact you unless you contact us with your information. Email or call me as soon as possible so you won't miss out on any of the fun. Click on the red Reunion 2004 link off the main page on this site for more information. (Alan... we love you... thanks for putting this website together!!)

Bunny Michele, Co-Producer of Reunion 2004
E-mail: Don't delay - email me today!
Tel: (909) 693-0165
Fax: (909) 693-4056
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