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Los Angeles Playboy Club messages:
Special notice: Announcing the 2004 Reunion!!!
Where are all the Century City Bunnies? Bunny Gayla 6th March 2003
Los Angeles Playboy Club (Sunset and Century City) Bunny Eve 25th February 2003
Los Angeles Playboy Club Brenda Ngoho 25th February 2003
CALLING ALL BUNNIES and Room Directors, Bartenders, Busboys, etc. Bunny Michele 25th February 2003
Los Angeles Playboy Club, 1965-1969 Geri Monticelli 28th January 2003
Candy D'Amato (Humphries) Bonnie Lomann 12th January 2003
Re: Candy D'Amato (Humphries) Bunny Dawn 11th March 2003
Re: Candy D'Amato (Humphries) Linda Whitedeer 25th February 2003
Where have all the flowers gone? Bunny Kippi 19th December 2002
Hollywood Club Bunnies - 1965 & 1966 Bunny Michele 15th November 2002
LA club, 1964 - 1969 Geri Monticelli 15th November 2002
Former MC Living Room LA '72-'79 Jay Michaels 13th July 2002
Yoshiko Ochi, Tokyo Playboy Club & Laura Lemonis, Los Angeles Playboy Club Mike Lesner 22nd October 2001
Searching for Devon Wilson (new e-mail address) Catherine Kelly 10th August 2001
Re: Searching for Devon Wilson (new e-mail address) Bunny Leslie (Bambi) 14th March 2003
Searching for Devon Wilson C. Kelly 24th February 2001
Anyone out there from LA Club, 1977-1979? Helene 18th February 2001
Where are the LA and Dallas Girls?? Lisa Ferrari - ex Bunny and Bunny Mother 16th January 2001
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