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London Playboy Club / Casino messages:
Special notice: Announcing the 2004 Reunion!!!
London Playboy Club Barbara Haigh 18th March 2003
Ex London Playboy Bunny Girl Bunny Kerry 11th March 2003
Looking for London Playboy Club friends Andrew Bailey 9th February 2003
Can any British Bunnies help me? Amanda Blinkhorn 6th February 2003
Bunny help sought for Charity Fundraiser in aid of the British Organ Donor Society Deborah 14th January 2003
Looking to buy a Bunny costume Toni 3rd January 2003
Playboy 50th Anniversary Party - Jan 2003 Vicky 13th December 2002
London Playboy Club Eddie Petty 13th December 2002
Bunny reunion in Australia Corinne 27th November 2002
Information required PATRICK BONIFACE 16th November 2002
Bernie Mulherne!! My favorite man! Bunny Christine 12th November 2002
Did anyone know a London Bunny Connie? Jess 11th November 2002
Where are you Kermit? Bunny Kandy (1975-1977) London 11th November 2002
Looking for Robin Patterson David Gamble 11th November 2002
Looking for London Bunny Toni 1960's Chrissie 9th November 2002
London Playboy Club - 60's Bunny Chrissie 9th November 2002
Where are you? Corinne Colbert 9th November 2002
PS to Original Message Bunny Brenda 18th October 2002
Wow! We're famous! Bunny Brenda 18th October 2002
Information required for BBC production about the London Playboy Club Kristyn Coutts 18th October 2002
London Playboy Reunion Eddie Petty 31st August 2002
Bunny Goldie, London Playboy Club - new album Goldie 3rd August 2002
London Playboy Club Mike Bowen 29th July 2002
British TV documentary on Bunny Girls - info required Claire Knott 16th July 2002
Old school friend - Ann Phillips (London Bunny) Penny Denby 15th July 2002
Looking for Lyn Partington Sue Bourne 9th July 2002
Hi To All From London Club JIM P. NIGHT MANAGER, 1972-1980 16th April 2002
Anyone from London Winter 1980 start? Bunny Mitzi 7th February 2002
London Playboy Club Contact Ann Marie 5th January 2002
Is Anyone Out There? Ex-Bunny Jill 28th December 2001
Re: Is Anyone Out There? Bunny Suzannah 20th April 2002
Re: Is Anyone Out There Ex-Bunny Mitzi 7th February 2002
LOST FRIENDS FROM 1978 HAZEL 8th December 2001
Atlanta, London, & San Francisco Playboy Clubs Nicole 17th September 2001
Bunny Deana's Photo Album Deana Turner 18th July 2001
Ex London Bunny "Janie" 1970's Jane London 11th February 2001
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