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Miscellaneous messages:
Special notice: Announcing the 2004 Reunion!!!
CALLING ALL BUNNIES and Room Directors, Bartenders, Busboys, etc. Bunny Michele 25th February 2003
Did anyone know my mom? Randy 17th February 2003
Can any British Bunnies help me? Amanda Blinkhorn 6th February 2003
BUNNY EARS WANTED KAT 29th January 2003
Re: BUNNY EARS WANTED SHADE 1st February 2003
Bunny help sought for Charity Fundraiser in aid of the British Organ Donor Society Deborah 14th January 2003
Looking for Bunny Irving Meaghan 9th January 2003
playboy club keys? Kiel Wilson 8th January 2003
Looking to buy a Bunny costume Toni 3rd January 2003
Playboy 50th Anniversary Party - Jan 2003 Vicky 13th December 2002
Information required PATRICK BONIFACE 16th November 2002
Please tell me your story! Stella 16th November 2002
Playboy Mansion Bunny Tanya 16th September 2002
Re: Playboy Mansion monique 24th October 2002
Looking for Former Bunnies for Variety Club Fundraiser Glenys Revell for Sussex Variety Club 18th August 2002
Invitation to the 3rd Annual Playboy Bunny Reunion to Benefit Charity on SUNDAY 12th AUGUST, 2001, in CHICAGO. All former Bunnies welcome! Judy 18th July 2001
Help in locating British Bunnies Patrick Boniface 18th July 2001
Looking for Alice Repay Marcy Robertson 8th July 2001
3rd Annual Playboy Bunny Reunion to Benefit Charity Judy 8th July 2001
Interested in the playboy years Jessica Lema 22nd April 2001
julie spicknell isys 6th April 2001
Re: UNIQUE BUNNY COSTUMES WANTED Marina 22nd August 2001
Do you know if this is an ex-Playboy Bunny? Sandra 24th March 2001
The Bunny Years Kathryn Leigh Scott 18th February 2001
Thanks pc 1st February 2001
Looking for Margaret Joan Lombardi re:her mother Monroe County Area Agency on Aging 28th November 2000
Welcome to the Ex-Playboy Bunnies Message Board Alan (Webmaster) 4th November 2000
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